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About Tommy Stinson

Tommy Stinson is best known as the spiky-haired charismatic bass player of legendary garage punkers the Replacements and a bass player for Guns N'Roses.

What makes Tommy Stinson so unique is that he was not interested in music as a child unlike a lot of musicians. He was pushed to play bass guitar by his brother, who believed that Tommy needed to occupy his mind with something rather than getting in to trouble all the time. Tommy's interest in jamming on bass unfortunately did not pick up right away, so Cokes and candy bars were offered as a bribe until he played his first gig on a stage. Realizing that this could actually bring fame on stage and amongst women, he then became interested in playing a bass.

Tommy, his brother and other band members assembled a band called The Replacements and Tommy's career as a bassist started. The Replacements, who deservedly earned a title of alternative rock pioneers, had occupied the scene for more than 10 years.

During that time the band released several albums including their debut album 'Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash', 'Stink' and 'Let It Be'.

In 1992 Stinson formed a group called Bash&Pop and released the album 'Friday Night is Killing Me', which according to rumors was recorded only by Stinson featuring various artist. The album, however, had gotten mixed reviews.

Once again Stinson formed a group called Perfect where he switched to bass and played there until the group broke up in 1998.

However, Stinson was not out of scene too long as the same year, he was invited to join Guns N'Roses and as a bass player and remained in the band up to this day.

His bass playing is featured on the Guns N'Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' that was finally released in 2008 after being delayed for a long time.

Besides being a bass artist in the worldwide known band, Tommy had released his own solo album, something that had been on his 'to do ' list since 1990 and started recording the album in 2003 in collaboration with Phillip Broussard. The album received positive reviews from music critics and fans.

In addition, Tommy joined the band Soul Asylum in 2005 and toured with them until last year, where he was eventually replaced due to the lack of his availability.

His second album 'One Man Mutiny' was released in 2011.

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