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About TC Electronic

That's us. You know about us, right? We're the guys completely dedicated to making the best guitar-and bass effects out there, period. We are all very passionate about music and most of us are active musicians and nuts about guitar and bass effects - so we know a thing or two about tone.

We've got a pretty good track record too, with innovative products like the 2290 dynamic digital delay, G-System, PolyTune, our range of bass amps like the BH250, our TonePrint pedals and a rich heritage of products steeped in awards, present on countless albums and productions and adored by the music community.

We value innovation and quality and this has earned us a position as the industry standard of guitar FX, but we never lost our roots: passionate, tone-concious musicians.

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TonePrints by TC Electronic

Videos with TC Electronic

The "RingMod" TonePrint from TC Electronic

The "Spatial Indulgence" TonePrint from TC Electronic

The "Stratosfear" TonePrint from TC Electronic