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About Steven Wilson

Ever prolific English musician Steven Wilson has been hard at work at various musical projects, amongst others Porcupine Tree, over the last couple of decades, playing guitar as well as several other instruments while trying out different musical genres.

Steven Wilson has been exploring sonic expressions almost from the get-go. Heavily influenced by a musical diet consisting of his parents' records, especially Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon and Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby. Wilson has later noted that listening intensely to those two records as a child has had a defining influence on his musical expression.

At the tender age of eleven Wilson got hold of a classical guitar and started playing around with its sound qualities, moving on to studio recording at age twelve when his father gave him a multi-track tape machine and a Vocoder.

Since those early days, Wilson has tried on many different musical clothings such as heavy prog, psychedelic, post-rock, electronica, drone, ambient music, metal and art rock. Most well-known for prog rock band Porcupine Tree, Wilson has also released music under names such as No man, Bass Communion, Incredible Expanding Mindfuck, and Blackfield, to mention a few.

The year 2008 marked a change, seeing Wilson release his first album in his own name. The 2008 album, Insurgentes was followed by Grace For Drowning in 2011, which showcases Wilson's dedication to the album format, containing two cd's.

As if that wasn't enough, Wilson has also had his fingers on the buttons in the studio, becoming heavily interested in high-quality sound recording, which has given him a following among audiophiles. Therefore, it's an honour that Wilson has chosen to turn to TC Electronic. Wilson states on using the TC Electronic G-System: "My music requires a huge amount of different sounds and textures from the guitar, and this would normally involve a lot of different boxes and pedals. At the same time I'm a great believer in keeping things clean and simple on a long touring cycle, and the G-System has solved this issue perfectly, and been the centre of my whole setup for more than 5 years. It's been reliable, and proved easy to use and program on the fly, with quality effects, plus it also allows me to loop in 4 of my favourite pedals seamlessly. I can't imagine working without it."

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Steven Wilson demos his "Ghostly Delay" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay pedal