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About Stephen "Stef" Carpenter

Stephen Carpenter lead guitarist in Deftones, underscores the groups melodic vocals with a heavily distorted guitar sound that is purely distilled metal.

Hey, we all like strings here. But Stephen Carpenter just can't get enough of them. For the last 5 years he has played an eight-string guitar.

Like most guitarists Carpenter started out on a regular six string, but influence from bands like Fear Factory and Meshuggah led him to take up a seven string guitar in the late 90s. From 2010 onwards he kicked it up a notch with an extra string.

'Why would you play less guitar, when you can play more guitar?' as he says.

As a true Californian, Carpenter grew up skateboarding. In fact, it was while recovering from a skateboarding accident he began to teach himself guitar at the age of 15. Bands such as Anthrax and Metallica formed his earliest influences. Although he has later stated that he now listens mostly to hip hop, he still lists Chaosphere by Meshuggah as his favourite album of all time.

Like his inspirations before him, Stef uses a lot of effects to achieve his sound. Among those effects are a range of products from TC. He has used the legendary 2290 Delay from TC for many years, and continues to do so. Lately he has really taken to the mini pedal series. The smaller the pedal, the more of them you can fit on your board after all.

He uses the Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb pedal, the Flashback Delay Mini, and the Corona Chorus Mini. All are toneprint enabled, which means that even with these small pedals the flexibility and precision control is unrivalled in the industry. And certainly unrivalled by anything else this compact.

He also uses the revolutionary Polytune 2 to keep everything effortlessly in tune.

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