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About Steffen Schackinger

Steffen Schackinger is a Danish studio guitarist, composer and performing artist. Inspired by Mark Knopfler and Jimi Hendrix, Steffen quickly made his mark on the Danish music scene, playing with different bands both in Denmark and abroad.

"The G-Major 2 has a vault of sophisticated effects but currently I mainly use G-Major 2's Delay section. Among other things this delay section allows me to use spillovers at preset changes. The Reverbs in G-Major 2 sounds excellent but for the ultimate Reverbs I'm really happy to use the dedicated studio-reverb M3000"

About Steffen

Steffen Schackinger was born right in the centre of Denmark - in the capital of the island Fyn - Odense. He started out on the violin as a kid, and moved on to cello and classical piano. With the classical and electric guitar he finally found his right instrument.

At the age of 13 he started out as a band guitarist, and he soon earned a reputation, as an extraordinary guitarist. The young guitar player was invited to play with several bands.

As a guitarist in "Faber Band" he was invited to sign his first record deal, and he decided to quit high school to concentrate on his music career.

He joined the successful power rock trio MERZY, and became a real guitar hero. The band released several records and toured Europe. MERZY appeared as a supporting act for "ZZ TOP" and "DEEP PURPLE", and at the time they were signed to Iceberg Records, BMG records and EMI Records in Europe and Asia.

Along with the new millennium Steffen completed his education as a rhythmic guitarist at The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, and the self-released cd with the band GRACELANDS - where Steffen sang the lead vocal and played guitar - got major airplay on the Danish radio stations with the songs "Electrified", "Climbing Into Space" and "Supersonic View".

From then on Steffen Schackinger has been recording countless of records as a session musician, along with being a theatre musician on several occasions. He also found himself in a bowtie playing with Symphony Orchestras as well as representing several guitar- and FX producers at guitar clinics.

Steffen Schackinger started out as very young composer, writing classical songs. Now he is writing pop- and rocksongs as well as instrumental songs. For the past years Steffen has been focusing on ethnic music and been finding inspiration in both Irish folk music an Indian Rhythms. The Indian Sitar and the Bouzouki has been added to the list of instruments he's playing.

Steffens guitarplaying contains elements from rock/hardrock, blues, jazz/fusion and country. He has found inspiration from several of the major guitarheroes - amongst others: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck, Robben Ford, Joe Satriani, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Bill Frisell, Van Halen, George Benson, Eric Johnson, Frank Zappa, Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Pat Metheny, Albert Lee, Paco De Lucia, John Mcloughlin and Larry Carlton.

Furthermore the classic music and composers like Bach, Beethoven, Paganini, Stravinsky and not least Stephen Sondheim have had major influence on the musical development of Steffen Schackinger - as a guitarist and as a composer.

Steffen Schackinger recently joined the US label Candyrat Records, and released the album ElectriGuitartistry.

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