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About Simone Vignola

You may not have heard about Simone Vignola just yet, but chances are that you will as this impressive, Italian bass player is still young and upcoming.

Simone started playing at an early age. 'Thanks to my father, I began playing the guitar at age 7,' Simone says as he continues. 'When I was 12, I bought a bass guitar for two reasons - curiosity and to follow in the footsteps of one of my true musical heroes, Sting, and In 2008, I won the EuroBass Day (Verona, Italy) and was awarded 'Best European Bass Player under 35' by a jury panel including extremely qualified bass players such as Matthew Garrison and Jimmy Haslip,' Simone tells us.

Obviously, we also asked Simone about his gear. 'Well, for amplification, I use the Classic450 head which I find very comfortable, clean and powerful and also extremely versatile. As for the cabinets I use RS210 and RS212 and I think that this combination is the best you could ever have. The RS212 cab pushes very hard on the low frequencies whereas RS210 has a super fast response,' Simone says and goes on to explain how he came about to use TC Electronic gear in the first place.

'During the European BassDay 2009 in Germany, I experienced TC Electronic bass gear in action for the first time, and I had already heard lots of great things about it. As a bass player I was obviously attracted toward the light and compact amp and cabinet design. One of the things I love the most about my rig is that for the first time, I am able to use compression. Usually, built-in compressors tend to alter the dynamics in an unpleasant way, but that is not the case with Spectracomp. Also, the EQ is voiced beautifully as it boosts and cuts all the right frequency areas, so you can make old-school sounds with the EQ combined with TubeTone as well as more modern types of sounds. However, if I should point out the single best thing about the rig, it would have be size, shape and weight. It might seem like a secondary point compared to the impressive technical features, but it for me, it actually turned out to be very important because it meets any need that I ever have regardless of whether I find myself on-stage in small clubs, or at really large venues - or anywhere in between.'

Well, we're happy that Simone is enjoying his ride on the Bassamp 2.0 wave and rounded off the interview by asking him about his general view on music and what he has coming up in the near future. 'At the moment, I am very fascinated by the concept of looping,' Simone tells us enthusiastically as he elaborates. 'I usually compose as any other songwriter, using a bass or a guitar. Then I follow a scheme, usually starting from the groove of my bass guitar, a bass drum playing the beat and ghost notes beating the accents. Next comes the looping, and once the atmosphere has been created, the rest comes naturally. During my live sets, I tend to use a DJ approach: it's like having two vinyl records playing together on different channels of the DJ-Mixing Console. Only, the great part is that the vinyl records did not even exist before until I created them on the stage!' Simone says. 'As for the future, my main focus remains on my solo project, and the album (Going to the Next Level) I have just released . In short, my overall goal is simply to take my music anywhere it can go!'

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