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About Ryan Roxie

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Ryan Roxie, born in California, currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the founding member of Roxie 77 and probably best known for his guitar work with Slash's Snakepit and legendary harbinger of rock and roll, Alice Cooper.

Ryan grew up in a small town called Pleasanton in the East Bay. With a father who played the trumpet, and a high school marching-band drum-bashing mother, Ryan was destined to venture down the psychedelic and artistic pathway of music. However, owing to a greater interest in beating down a drum kit, it wasn't until years later, at the age of eleven, that he really started getting into the rocking note shredding realm of the electric guitar. This autodidact musician learned the style of the guitar from listening to his father's dusty old recorder, forging his very own unique way of the instrument.

Besides Keith Partridge, who influenced Roxie at a quite early age, his influences cover world-known axe-wielding musicians such as Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Rick Nielsen, to mention a few. Prior to the Alice Cooper ERA (starting in 1996), Ryan worked with Candy, Electric Angels, Dad's Porn Mag. He did extensive work as 'hired gun-man' with various artists including Gilby Clarke, Tal Bachman, Bob Rock, James Michael and also wrote and recorded with Slash's Snakepit. Ryan Roxie's own band 'Roxie 77' was formed in 2002 and has recorded two albums, 'Peace, Love and Armageddon' released in 2004 and 'Two Sides To Every Story', which was only released as a download through the band's website during 2009.

When Ryan goes on stage he fancies bringing a true arsenal of our sparkling tone-twisting TC effect pedals. So, we seized this opportunity to sit down with Ryan in his own personal rehearsal studio in Stockholm. After hours of tweaking and twisting, we ended up with a set of cool and perfectly crafted TonePrints - a longer color- and atmosphere adding kind of echo sound for the Flashback Delay and a subtle, but thick, Leslie-effect type of sound for the Shaker Vibrato, mimicking the exact style of the string-bending phenomenon that is Ryan Roxie.

TonePrints by Ryan Roxie

Videos with Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie makes the "Flashback 77" TonePrint

Ryan Roxie makes the "Back In the Stockholm Groove" TonePrint