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About Ryan Monroe

Ryan Monroe is a well-rounded multi-instrumentalist, best known for his role as a keyboard and guitar player in Band of Horses.

An American indie rock band, Band of Horses has spent the last nine years growing a remarkable fan base. With a combination of soothing melodies and personal, profound lyrics they found a style all of their own and made their way to the big scenes. Their debut Everything All the Time with the single 'The Funeral' has hit the charts in Scandinavian countries and has been used numerous times in television, film, video games and advertisements.

The second album Cease to Begin made it to U.S. charts and Infinite Arms - the third album, was nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Alternative Album category. Mirage Rock is the latest album released by the Band of Horses.

Ryan Monroe plays a multi-instrumentalist role in Band of Horses, he plays guitar and keyboard, and used to be a drummer as a kid. Him and the lead singer Ben Bridwell grew up together, but it was not until 2007 when Ryan joined the band and became the permanent addition to at that time 6-piece band.

2012 was a significant year for Ryan Monroe, as he released his very first solo album - A Panting of A Painting On Fire.

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