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About Robben Ford

5 times Grammy nominee Robben Ford is the premier electric guitarist of today. He is known for his excellent blues playing and ability to be comfortable in a variety of musical contexts. A magnificent blend of jazz and blues truly defines him as a guitarist.

Robben Ford is born in Woodlake, California in 1951. With a musical family it was virtually expected that he would follow in the footsteps of his father, mother and siblings.

At age ten he began to play the saxophone as his first chosen instrument, which he kept on playing for a decade. When he was thirteen he taught himself to play guitar after hearing the two guitarists from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Michael Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop.

First Ford played in 'The Charles Ford Band' with his brothers Patrick (drums) and Mark (harmonica), a tribute band to their father. The band went on tour where Ford was picked up by Jimmy Whitherspoon (blues singer) and brought to L.A. Ford toured with Whiterspoon and was seen by Tom Scott and the members of the L.A Express. This lead to a promotional tour with Joni Mitchell and the L.A Express which formed his future musical life.

Founding member of the Yellowjackets, while simultaneously having a solo career and working as a session guitarist, Ford had a busy plate.

With his album 'Talk to your daughter' (1988) he earned his first Grammy nomination, which became frontrunner for him touring under his own name for the first time.

Ford returned to his roots in 1992 and seemed to find himself with the blues. He formed a new group 'The Blue Line' and subsequently recorded some blues/rock albums that are among the finest of his career.

An important and essential component in Ford's career is his passionate commitment to teaching. Passing on his personal experiences from the past 40 years to current and future musicians. His instructional videos and clinics over this time have culminated in collaboration with TrueFire and the birth of the Robben Ford Guitar Dojo. The wealth of his expertise and creativity is generously presented in these state-of-the-art productions.

Ford has had a long career collaborating with some of the best musicians such as Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and Kiss just to name a few. He has toured the world and shared his magnificent sound with the world.

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