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About Richard Fortus

Versatile rock guitar player Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses, currently touring with Thin Lizzy (2011) and Guns n' Roses, is a sought after dedicated guitar player. Prior to joining Guns N' Roses in 2002, Richard played with his band Pale Divine and toured as supporting act for Psychedelic Furs.

Richard Fortus joined the legendary Guns N' Roses in 2001 and toured with the band in 2002, 2006 and 2007, handling both rhythm and lead duties. He also played rhythm guitar on a little record called Chinese Democracy, which you may have heard of, and the following tour in 2009-2010. Band leader Axl Rose describes Richard as 'an amazing lead player and a proven professional'. We got a chance to speak with with Richard, who has been using TC Electronic gear for quite a while

TC: So, how did your musical career start?

Richard: 'My first band was called Pale Divine. We signed with Atlantic Records and put out one record with them. We toured supporting the Psychedelic Furs and during that tour, the Furs asked me to play with them. So I'd join them onstage after my band's set. Then after that tour, the singer approached me about starting a new band with him. That band was called Love Spit Love. We did two records together and a lot of touring. After that, we put the Psychedelic Furs back together and did another live record and some studio tracks as well as a live DVD. I was also touring with different artists and mostly doing session work in New York City and I also had a company that did music for films, TV, ads and video games. I then joined Guns in '02".

Richard is a firm believer in TC Electronic gear, which he uses both in the studio and live.

TC: What is your favourite TC Electronic gear?

Richard: 'The piece of TC Electronic gear that I use more than anything in the studio is the FireworX. What an amazing tool that is! There is nothing else like it. Very unique and very powerful. Very, very deep and unique. I also really really love G-System. My tech (Rock Davis), turned me on to them. I don't use it with Guns, but I use it as the heart of my smaller rig that I use for everything else. When I toured with Rihanna, I used G-System along with a couple of additional overdrives and used G-System to switch channels on my Egnater modular preamp. The main piece of outboard gear in my rack is G-Major 2. I've been using G-Major's since I was in the Psychedelic Furs'.

"I began using the 2290 with my first band in the early 90's. It was THE delay to have!"

"G-System has become a very valuable piece of gear for me. I'm currently designing my pedal board for the Thin Lizzy tour around it. I'm going to be using the Nova Drive pedal with it, as well as a vintage Univibe and a tape echo and compressor. Probably just one old Marshall head this time. I'm really impressed with the Nova Drive. I've got quite a collection of all the boutique overdrive pedals over the years. I'm pretty amazed by how open and smooth sounding the Nova is and with the flexibility offered by integrating it with G-System, it's pretty unbeatable. TC Electronic stuff is laid out so intelligently and intuitively! Even the deepest units (like FireworX), make so much sense. You can go as deep as you want, but you don't have to always have the manual with you to program! The computer editing software for G-System is fantastic. It makes life so much easier! Absolutely brilliant piece of gear, I wish I'd had this years ago! Would have saved me so many headaches and dollars! It's a genius command center for any gigging guitarist".

TC: Can you tell us a little about your future plans?

Richard: "I'm currently scoring a movie and I am constantly employing Fireworx for ambient, sound-design layers. It's such an inspiring tool. I'm heading out on the road with Thin Lizzy in May. It's such an honor to have been asked to do that gig. They were such a huge influence on me and have such a legacy of brilliant guitarists. It's just such an absolute thrill for me to work with them. How cool is it to get to play all of those harmony leads with Scott Gorham!? I'll then head back out with GnR after that. I know we have confirmed Rock In Rio and a few other shows and are currently scheduling more touring. God, how lucky am I?! Sure beats the hell out of working!"

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