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About Rene Shades

The Danish country lover Rene Shades is the badass bassist in heavy rock/metal band Pretty Maids and co-founder of Shades & Peters. Shades keeps a busy schedule as a bass player, producer and songwriter.

René Shades enjoys simplicity and great sound when creating music and that is what he gets with his TC board. He plays with different basses during shows and enjoys easy control over the amps which he gets with his TC multiple amp setup and LEDs on the knobs.

'It has just made the creativity much easier with less hassle and it sounds exactly the way I like it'

Shades began his career by founding the band Sateria with childhood friend Martie Peters. At first it was a sleaze/glam rock band but soon passed to biker rock. Unaware at the time that he would become the bass player in Pretty Maids, Sateria held their first concert at a friend's parent's house playing two Pretty Maids songs. With only one album out (Crash Bang Boom) and not reaching the success they desired the band dissolved around mid 90s.

In 2010 Shades got together again with childhood friend Martie Peters and founded 'Shades & Peters', a pop/rock duo. The duo released their debut album in 2013. The album was recorded all over the world and featured numerous artists such as; Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar, Jimmy Z, Tony Brock (Rod Stewart's legendary band from the 70s and 80s), Mickey Curry on drums (Bryan Adams band) and bass player Paul Bushnell.

Shades has for years been friends with the band members from Pretty Maids and joined the band in 2011. He previously played some gigs for them in 2004 but it was not until 2011 that he became a permanent member rocking the bass. Big game players Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppling, Deep Purple and Queen are among influencers to Pretty Maids sound. Over the years, as a tribute, they have recorded cover songs from many of these influencers including their famous hit: A 1992 cover of John Sykes' ballad Please Don't Leave Me.

Pretty Maids has been around for decades never failing to give its audience a solid performance everywhere they go. With more than 20 quality albums released they have proved to be in it for the long run.

What shades finds most awesome about being a musician is touring. Playing on stage and kicking ass is his favorite activity. The size of the show is not an issue as long as he gets to deliver when on stage.

When he is not busy giving his all to Pretty Maids and Shades & Peters, Shades manages to write songs and produce. If there were more hours in a day he would probably add on more tasks. Shades is the kind of man who wakes up everyday appreciating where he is and providing both body and soul into his work.

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