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About PixxyLixxx

Steve aka. PixxyLixx like his popular YouTube channel is a guitar vlogger out of Boston, Massachussets. With his formative years solidly placed in the 80's, Pixxy's playing style is heavily influenced by the top shredders of the hair metal era.

As a young boy, Pixxy was inspired by country guitarist Roy Clark blazing skill but it wasn't until Black Sabbath hit him when he was in his teens, that he really got into guitar.

In fact, he took it serious enough to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music between his junior and senior years of high school.

He settled into a white-collar job for years, but it was a thriving online community that started his journey back into music after getting into a new band called Steel Panther with their revitalized tongue-in-cheek version of 80s hair metal.

When they announced a guitar solo contest online, Steve uploaded his contribution onYouTube under the moniker, Pixxylixxx inspired by the artists of the heyday of hair metal.

Sadly, Pixxy didn't win the contest but he gained a few followers on YouTube. Using the reach and influence of his channel and other social media, he has transformed over the last several years from a white collar professional to a well-known guitarist with a solid following.

With over 50k subscribers, Pixxylixxx is regularly uploading videos of his own, doing guest sessions with other YouTubers, and recording his own EP 'The United Steak of America', scheduled for release in early 2018. Furthermore, he provides instructional videos like guitar lessons and in-depth gear reviews.

With his honest, straightforward personality and warm charisma that shows his knowledge and experience it's no wonder that Pixxylixxx has gathered over 11 million views.

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