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About Phil X

Born in 1966, Philip Xenidis started playing the guitar at the age of five, when his father brought home an electric guitar for him. Barely able to hold the guitar, he kept at it, and today we know him simply as Phil X!

Inspired by the great guitar heroes like Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix among others, Phil X set out to become a musician and from 1982 to 1997, Phil X was active in rock acts such as Sidinex, Aldo Nova and Triumph.

After that, he decided to try his luck in Los Angeles where he quickly became a sought after session guitarist, putting his touch on records by artists like Tommy Lee, Alice Cooper, Chris Cornell and Rob Zombie to mention a few.

From the early 2000s to 2010, Phil X also played guitar in the turbo-pop band, Powder, where they were a staple of the club scene in LA. Since 2003, he has also fronted his own power-rock trio, The Drills, singing and handling guitars. So far, the Drills have released three records with a fourth on the way.

In 2008, Phil X was hired by the vintage guitar dealer Fretted Americana, to host demonstrations of their most prized guitars on their YouTube channel. As Phil X poured all of his energy and charisma into the videos, showcasing his amazing abilities, the demonstrations turned into something more, with people tuning in to watch Phil X more than the guitars!

In 2011, he got a call from Jon Bon Jovi, asking him to fill in for Richie Sambora for 13 shows on the Circle tour. A daunting task to say the least but Phil X stepped in and did the job so well that in 2016, he got the gig permanently.

To anyone familiar with Phil X's playing, this should come as no surprise. Through melodic phrasing with a well-developed ear for tone, lead lines at blinding speed with aggressive picking and a keen sense of musical tension, Phil X builds up dissonance and energy through dynamics as well as harmony before it culminates in a powerful resolution.

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