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About Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell is the guitarist of rock behemoths Motörhead, and responsible for delivering some of the dirtiest, sexiest most fist-pumping riffs and licks in the history of rock.

All time legends and hall of famers such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Tony Lommi and Michael Schenker have served as an inspiration for many a great musician of our time - and Phil Campbell is no exception. This rockin' guitarist began his musical journey at age 10, when he picked up a guitar for the very first time. By the time he turned 13 he semi-professionally partook in a cabaret band called 'Contrast'. Later on he was playing all across South Wales in a band called Rocktopus and in the year of 1979 he formed the heavy metal band, Persian Risk.

During a Hawkwind gig, at only 12 of age, Phil was lucky enough to get hold of Motörhead frontman Lemmy's autograph. So, when Lemmy was holding auditions for a new Motörhead guitarist, due to the departure of Brian Robertson in 1983, Phil was destined to try-out. Although seeking out only one guitarist, upon discovering the roaring synergy between Phil and guitarist Michael 'Würzel' Burston, Lemmy decided to keep them both - a Motörhead gang had yet again risen. To this day, Phil Campbell remains a member of Motörhead, in spite of a wide range of line up changes throughout the years.

Phil's choice of guitars, when either playing live on stage or recording in the studio, often falls upon his LAG Explorer Signature model armed with two Seymour Duncan humbuckers or his Minarik Inferno Guitar. But his personal weaponry of thundering axes also features guitars such as a Parker Nitefly, a Claymore custom, guitars built by Luthier TC Ellis, guitars from Framus, DBZ, Caparison, Jackson, Kramer, ESP, PRS, DBZ and Charvel.

Phil is running his guitars through a range of effect pedals from TC as well, and we sat down with this legendary rock star to create a couple of TonePrints for some of his favourite sounds. Among others he created a thick psychedelic vibrato Hendrix-ish sound to jinx up the soul of his sound and a short delay kinda sound for those ravenously roaring guitar solos.

TonePrints by Phil Campbell

Videos with Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell creates his Flashback Delay TonePrint

Phil Campbell creates his Shaker Vibrato TonePrint