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About Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.

Paulo Jr. is the longest remaining member of metal band Sepultura rocking the bass since '85. Besides playing bass he is a soccer lover and a charity man as well.

Paulo Jr. is born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He is the bassist in the Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura where he is the longest remaining member with presence since '85. When he is not smashing away on his bass he enjoys Jiu Jitsu and soccer.

Paulo Jr. first met the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera in '84 at a local hippe square where people met and hung out. Through a mutual friend he was introduced to Max and Igor and they all begun hanging out. Around a year later he became a member of the band Sepultura. Today the band consists of Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. In total Paulo has released 15 albums with Sepultura and toured the world.

In 2009 a Brazillian extreme metal project 'The Unabomber Files' emerged with Paulo Jr. on bass alongside Allan Wallace and André Márcio from Eminence and Vladimir Korg from The Mist/Chakal on vocals. The purpose of the band is to play simple and heavy raw music with sarcastic lyrics.

Besides being a bad ass Paulo has a soft side. Since 1999 he has organized a series of annual football charity games between former Brazilian players, TV artists, musicians and the band members. Attendances were asked to bring one pound of food, which was given to local charities.

Through his career he has worked with Scott Burns, Jairo T, Edguard Santos and of course Sepultura.

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