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About Paul Riario

Paul Riario rocketed to fame as the tech editor of Guitar World. The classic 'hey this is Paul from Guitar World and today we'll be looking at ..." has a guaranteed place in the brain of every guitarist under 40.

But there's more to Paul than meets the YouTube eye. Much more. Naturally cool, Paul is genuinely passionate about music. He plays in several bands, has covered every genre from rock to country and back and is often happiest at home, spending time with his wife, new born daughter and his three dogs. Who show surprisingly little interest in gear.

Paul's been with Guitar World for 15 years and he started out as a production coordinator. The gods of rock took a liking to him and next thing he knows, he's out doing videos. Paul is one of those guitarists that loves playing. While gear means a lot to him and he considers himself a gear head - he's more into playing and pure, undiluted tone.

One of the coolest things Paul said was that over the years, he went from owning just about all the gear on the planet, to actually scaling down to what sounds the best, and the essential tools he need to get a certain job done. This has helped him keep a really open mind as a tech editor and allowed him to understand that while some gear may not be right for his style of playing, it might work great

for players in a particular genre.

Paul's however avoided the trap most people fall into when working in the music business: they get cynical about gear. This is not what Paul's about at all, he still gets genuinely excited about new gear and guitars - and we still love his vids!

When Paul visited TC, his immense knowledge of gear, passion for tone and music and genuine 'coolness' were immediately appearant, and his TonePrints represent all these elements perfectly.

Currently, Paul plays in a country band called Radio Nashville, and uses the following TC products for his rig: Flashback X4, Flashback, Spark

Boost and PolyTune Mini.

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