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About Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is one of Nashville's top session guitarists and has been so for many years now. Pat Buchanan has played the axe in many parts of the US and abroad all his life.

Pat was raised in Jacksonville, Lake City and Talahassee, Florida. His parents were jazz musicians and his brother his own personal Rock Guru. So, growing up in a family of musicians, for Pat Buchanan to become a musician was always encouraged. He picked up the interest in the six-stringed weaponry over night and determinately started playing and practising the guitar with his older brother. The determination of this young hard rockin' musician resulted in his first ever gig, when attending only fourth grade.

During the late 80's and early 90's, among others, Pat also recorded and toured with Cyndi Lauper. At the urging of producer Ed Seay, owing to the fact that Pat had many friends who worked all across the US, he decided to move to Nashville in 1993. He landed studio work quickly and has been successful as a first call session guitarist for many years. During this time, he played on many albums including hit records by Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Trace Atkins, Kim Richey, Rodney Crowell, Ray Davis of The Kinks and others too numerous to list here. Pat also won the 1996 ACM (Academy of Country Music) Guitarist of the Year award.

Besides this tremendous list of accomplishments and collaborations Pat Buchanan has also thrown himself into the world of solo careering. While staying in Nashville, he recorded a total of two records, 'Pat Buchanan' released in 2002 and 'St. George' released in 2005.

When he goes on stage, Buchanan is usually equipped with a certain set of sound effects - a very specific and dear armory to help ensure the crispy tone of his guitar. In this carefully selected palette of stomp-boxes we find the Corona Chorus, the Flashback Delay, the Vibrato Shaker and The Dreamscape - 'I'm real excided about this vibrato pedal […] This Flashback delay is really impressive. It has the quarter notes, the dotted and the quarters and dotted right there on the preset. That's smart, that's super smart'.

Quite naturally, we sat down with both Pat Buchanan and his trusted 'dog-in-arms', Ceasar the Tone Dog, and created an awesome package of TonePrints based on Pat's all time favorite sound effects.

TonePrints by Pat Buchanan

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Pat Buchanan creates the Crazy Tape Delay TonePrint