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About MonoNeon

Self-taught on the bass, MonoNeon's killer groove and endless string of over-the-barline fills have left both audiences and fellow bass players jaw-to-the-floor.

Dywane Thomas Jr., known to most under his MonoNeon moniker, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Surrounded by strong traditions in the Blues City, he developed an early interest in music - and with his father an established bass player himself, the funk was never more than a muted note away.

At the age of four, young Dywane started finding his way around his instrument, eventually settling on his distinct style of playing the bass guitar upside-down, lowest string at the bottom. This technique allows him to use heavy bending on the top strings, an integral part of the MonoNeon signature sound.

His original tone paired with a strong sense of melody and absolute mastery of complex rhythms has seen him share the stage and studio with artists such as David 'Fuze' Fiuczynski, Tye Tribbett, Judith Hill and Ne-Yo, as well as collaborations with funk icon Prince.

Aside from the heavy influence from the southern soul and blues scene, MonoNeon also picks up on the experimental vibe from minimalist composers like John Cage and the ornamentations of Indian classical music.

These are especially evident with the videos of his massive YouTube channel, where media snippets and viral videos are mimicked into magic, mind-bending and truly extraordinary masterpieces.

MonoNeon is a one-of-a-kind of musician. One that everybody truly should not miss out on.

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