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About Misha Mansoor

Named as one of the next generation's big six-string legends by Rolling Stone Magazine, Misha Mansoor is currently paving the way for the new era of progressive metal with his gut-punching riffs and keen ear for catchy melodies.

This heavy metal innovator is the founder and lead guitarist in modern progressive metal band, Periphery, which alongside Swedish rhythmic metal pioneers Meshuggah, are currently seen as the frontrunners of the 'Djent'-movement. The sound was perfected on Periphery's self-titled debut album from 2010, which he wrote, programmed, produced and mixed all by himself. Besides this his otherworldly guitar chops also appear on studio project Haunted Shores with fellow Periphery guitarist, Mark Holcomb.

Before Periphery's rise to fame, Misha Mansoor ruled the internet under his online pseudonym, Bulb where he relentlessly churned out songs and demos for the metal-hungry crowd. This resulted in over 100 home-recorded demos and song ideas, and a vast knowledge about sounds and recording techniques.

Mansoor's influences range from Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah to British guitar virtuosos Allan Holdsworth and Guthrie Govan to shred-legend John Petrucci of Dream Theatre. But a more surprising musical inspiration is the Japanese pianist and composer Nobuo Uematsu, who is known for his insane sense of melodies and beautiful arrangements in the Final Fantasy video game series.

Mansoor is a self-proclaimed gear junky and is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sounds that he can use in his compositions. Hence you'll frequently catch him online talking about and discussing the gear that creates the unlimited sound image that is Misha Mansoor.

Misha has been a long-time TC Electronic fan, and has been using the original SCF Stereo Chorus pedal for years now. Recently the Flashback Delay and Ditto X2 Looper have made their way to his home studio and are great tools in his songwriting process.

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