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About Mika Vandborg

Mika Vandborg is known as one of the most talented and respected guitarists in Denmark. He has appeared on numerous recordings and has toured with some of the best musicians and artists such as Justin Hawkins, Love Shop, Gnags, Ida Corr, Mads Langer, Dicte and Claus Hempler to name a few.

Mika first picked up the instrument aged nine after hearing Jimi Hendrix on the radio. Technically he is now a virtuoso and has experience in many different musical styles and always shows his versatility as a musician and guitarist. When Mika's not playing with some of the most respected rock artists in Denmark, he's releasing his own material or writing music for TV.

Few guitarists can elicit the range of tones from their instrument as Mika Vandborg. It's easy to see why when you cast your eyes on the comprehensive pedalboard that gets barely a second's rest as Mika constantly drops effects in and out of the loop to add depth, power, grit and energy to his dynamic playing style.

Mika's attitude to playing is as uncompromising as his style of playing. "Energy is my drive, that's what I'm always aiming for. The music has to touch you... or it's a waste of time."

To beat the range of tone from his guitars, Mika uses plenty of gear, both new and vintage, but one name that pops up again and again is TC Electronic. Mika grew up close to the TC Electronic HQ and knew people who worked there, so he got to try out all the good stuff. Mika's first TC product has since become a sought-after classic. "My first machine was the 2290 delay, but I unfortunately sold it in a moment of confusion! I had all the first editions of the Phaser, chorus/flanger, booster and so forth…."

Fast forward to today and TC is still Mika's go-to brand for post-overdrive effects. "I've got four or five set-ups and there is TC in all of them. I have an old G-Force in my rack set-up, it's been there for 12 years and is still going strong. I now use a lot of stomp boxes from TC, my favorites are the Phaser Xii, Hall Of Fame Reverb, Shaker Vibrato, the Flashback X4 and the original Flashback. I have tons of great old tape echoes and other good stuff in my collection, but it's hard to bring on the road, and to tell you the truth, "I can't hear the difference when I play". The TonePrint series sound great and have made my life a lot easier. The tape echo in the Flashback is awesome!"

"TC gear is reliable, good sounding and I've had lots of inspiring hours with the TonePrint feature."

TonePrints by Mika Vandborg

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