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About MarloweDK

If you play bass and you have an Internet connection, chances are you've seen MarloweDK (Thomas Risell)'s channel. This Copenhagen, Denmark native started his YouTube channel in 2006 and has been serving a wide variety of super useful bass lessons on his channel, which has had over 25 million views.

MarloweDK is the star of the tutorial website for the bass community. He took up bass playing as a teenager having been brought up in a very musical family. Marlowe played in various Danish bands through the 80s and 90s including Buzstop, Paris Paris, Mænd i Blåt, Back to back and Love Shop. He currently plays in Love Shop, Henrik Hall, and Al Campos & SoulHarmonic and has appeared on many recordings, from Love Shop's Det Løse Liv (1999, Polydor) to Al Campos' Old School Lovin' (2007).

After pursuing a career in web design he noticed a gap in the market for on-line bass tuition. 'I got the idea to make tuition videos, teaching people the stuff I would have wanted someone to teach me,' he says. The result is, a website full of great videos for the budding bass player.

Marlowe is a fan of TC Electronic's RH450 and you can see him and it in operation in his latest video, Distortion Lick, in which the amp appears alongside the RS210 and RS212 cabs.

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MarloweDK "Discreet Depth" Toneprint

MarloweDK "Open Space" Toneprint