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About Maor Appelbaum

Whether you have heard of Maor Appelbaum or not, you've most definitely heard his work. His client list, while eclectic, is nothing short of amazing and among them you'll find everything ranging from alternative rock - metal pioneers Faith No More, progressive rock legends YES, metal mastodons Sepultura, Wagnerian rocker Meat Loaf and blues legend Walter Trout, to shred-legend Yngwie Malmsteen and all the way to actor, and master of the spoken word, William Shatner. When you find such different artists on the same list, it's time to sit up and take notice!

Maor Appelbaum was born in Israel and lived there for most of his life. He now works out of Los Angeles in his own mastering studio, Maor Appelbaum Mastering, where he works his masterful mastering magic.

A background as a club DJ and music journalist, has given Appelbaum a deep understanding of how the listeners perceive the music, and as a musician he understands the artistic process behind music production. All of this translates into his mastering work where he sees himself as a liaison between the production and the listeners.

His deep understanding of the artistic and technical aspects of music, as well as a finely tuned sense of the audience allows him to convey the intentions and the message of the artists to the music hitting the listeners.

Maor likes to experiment with his work, making sure to get just the right combination of gear and settings for each song to shine: 'First of all I listen to the music,' he says, and while that sounds simple, it is key to making sure the finished product respects the music and the artist even while changing the sound for maximum impact.

Appelbaum's way to achieving maximum impact varies from track to track and sometimes requires a very light touch. The mark of a master is knowing when to back off, and let the mix stand on its own. If the mix is nearly perfect, it might take some experimenting before Appelbaum is absolutely sure it's as good as it's going to be - even if he sometimes ends up changing very little. 'Every recording has a sweet spot. If you push it beyond that, you end up making it worse,' he says.

Appelbaum uses three TC System 6000's in his setup. Maor has a lot of different gear, both digital and analog, so having something as versatile as the System 6000 is essential. 'It's like reading an encyclopaedia. Every day you find something new to do with it. I really like it. The quality is great and the user interface is easy to use.'

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