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About Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo, born in 1956, is one of the original members of the American avant-garde band Sonic Youth.

Ranaldo started his career in New York where he collaborated with several artists, including Rhys Chatman. In the beginning of the 80's he co-founded the underground band Sonic Youth. They brought a new element to the 80's music scene as they explored unknown sonic territory with their dissonance, feedback and alternative tunings - effectively redefining the rock guitar sound. In addition to touring with Sonic Youth, Ranaldo has collaborated with and produced albums for artists like You Am I and Magik Markers. In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Ranaldo the 33rd greatest guitarist of all time.

Although mostly recognized for his role in Sonic Youth, this string bending, hard working multi artist holds an awesome collection of solo albums ranging from 'From Here to Infinity' released in 1987 to 'Between the Times and the Tides' released in 2012.

Lee Ranaldo plays on a whole lot of different guitars. He usually favors a Fender Jazzmaster, a Telecaster Deluxe or even a Gibson Les Paul. He is very fond of modifying and alternating the tunings of his guitars. For instance, he plays a Jazzmaster with a single coil pickup installed between the bridge and the tailpiece, to exploit the resonation chiming sounds on that particular area of the string. Also, in 2007, Ranaldo had Yuri Landman build the Moonlander guitar - a guitar loaded with no less than 18 strings total; 6 normal strings and 12 sympathetic strings.

To name a few, the Flashback Delay, the Dark Matter Distortion and the MojoMojo Overdrive have all earned their rightful place on the stomp-box shelf of this dedicated musician. The sheer versatility of these TonePrint pedals is appealing to even the most dedicated of musicians, 'this pedal can do a lot of things […] I think one of the coolest things about it is the fact that it has this added aspect - that you can grab stuff off the net and download it right into the pedal and work with it'.

Luckily, Ranaldo agreed to meet up with our technicians and help us create a bunch of awesome Lee Ranaldo-style TonePrints for both the Flashback Delay and the Hall of Fame Reverb pedals.

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Lee Ranaldo creates a Hall of Fame Reverb