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About Kenny Moran

Kenny Moran is a two-time Grammy Awards-nominated mix and recording engineer with a massive list of production credits to his name, including work with Earth, Wind & Fire, Lauryn Hill, Sting and Deadmau5.

Kenny Moran ending up in the music business is no coincidence. Born in Toronto, Canada, young Kenny grew up in a family of professional musicians, and was throughout his childhood surrounded by this vibrant, groovy and magic thing, we call music.

As a result, he plays several instruments and early on developed a deep and wide-ranging understanding of both tone and rhythm in all its shapes and forms.

Known for his extreme attention to detail (and contagious smile), Kenny is routinely called upon not only for mixing work, but also composition, arranging, remixing and sound design.

In recent years he's also established himself as a master of programming drums and synths, which has led to co-ops with major audio companies such as Native Instruments and Big Fish Audio.

Since his early days as an instructor in the field of digital audio and remix production, Kenny's steady hand and solid groove has seen him work with all sorts of masters of power and soul, ranging from Anita Baker, Chaka Kahn, Sting, GoonRock - The Great Gatsby Soundtrack and RnB uber legends such as Earth, Wind & Fire, engineering their 40th anniversary album where he also co-produced a couple of songs.

Today he continues to mix, record and program for major label artists as well as indie acts in Los Angeles, California, with most of his work done from the free-wheeling mesh chairs of his mix bus. Which is an actual 30 foot, mind you, fully equipped with top of the line recording gear.

How awesome is that?

From the oceanfront of Malibu to idyllic mountain spots in Yosemite State Park or the vast plains of the Mojave Desert, Kenny Moran has got it going on.

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