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About KenKen

KenKen is an incredible bass player, belonging to one of Japan's most iconic 3 piece rock bands RIZE.

His musical journey started at the age of 8 when he started learning to play the bass, drums and other instruments, but it was the bass that fascinated him the most. KenKen developed his own unique style of playing by listening to a variety of musical genres from punk, rock and funk to jazz and other styles.

He is critically acclaimed as one of the best bass players in Japan through a wide array of works with popular rock bands such as Dragon Ash, WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY, the Day, and others that allowed him to utilize his flexible and versatile musical styles ranging from aggressive slap bass to more subdued and melodic techniques. His stage performance is often said to be just like "Flea" of Red Hot Chili Peppers, which makes total sense, as Flea has been a huge inspiration to KenKen. For instance, KenKen has practiced the slap bass style at double speed, compared to Flea's original performances.

Apart from being an amazing bass player, KenKen is also a professional gamer, having appeared on Sony PSP TV Commercials, as well as having a special column in a popular game magazine.

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