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About Ken Hahn

Ken Hahn, co-owner of New York's Sync Sound is one of the best-known names in both the post-production and music world.

Ken has 25 years of experience in audio post-production and has received two Cinema Audio Society Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing Awards, five Emmy Awards, 13 ITS Monitor Awards, a Mix Magazine TEC Award for Best Audio Post Production Mixer and has engineered several Grammy Award winning albums.

Ken is the co-owner and Supervising editor on projects for TV, film and DVD of New York's Sync Sound Inc. - a complex consisting of four mixing studios, six Sound Design rooms and a feature facility called Digital Cinema, LLC. Ken specializes in mixing for television, film, home video, CD and DVD, in Stereo, Dolby Surround and 5.1. Working with high-profile clients that demand excellence as well as speed, Hahn is understandably picky when it comes to the equipment he uses.

We had a talk with Ken about his use of System 6000:

'I got into mixing on digital consoles early on and was in search of outboard processors to keep the audio in the digital realm. TC Electronic was the first and, at that time, only company to do it to my satisfaction. I started by using the Finalizer and M5OOO, eventually migrating to System 6000 MKII. '

'I now work completely in Pro Tools, utilizing a D-Control console. Therefore, I moved many of the processors that I came to rely on from the TC Electronic System 6000 MKII to plug-ins for Pro Tools. For instance I use plug-in versions of UnWrap HD and VSS3 reverb.'

'The sole surviving 'outboard' piece of gear that I use is the TC Electronic System 6000 MKII. It has capabilities that no other processor has. For instance, the System 6000 MKII still has the BEST pitch shifting available. Especially for 5.1 and 7.1 processing.'

'When television went 5.1, there was a void of 5.1 processors. The only real exception was System 6000 MKII. It had all the features that I needed to work in 5.1. It had 5.1 dynamics and EQ, great reverbs and delays and eventually the UnWrap HD program.'

Ken explains that the BackDrop algorithm (the noise reduction plug-in for the 6000 MKII) has been a real hit at Sync Sound: 'It takes out everything from air conditioning to buzz and hum, and it's really very impressive.

Hahn is also a fan of System 6000 MKII's multi-channel compression algorithm. "They really have thought of a lot of things when designing it, things like which channels should be linked, which ones shouldn't, which pairs should be linked, should the rears be linked to the front so they all compress together or not? Those are the kinds of tools that you want to have. TC Electronic has clearly gotten input from people who really have an understanding of this.

'Every TC Electronic product that I have ever used has been intuitive to operate, and yet at the same time, remarkably flexible in enabling the user to adjust nearly every conceivable parameter. These products are designed by people who are users and who therefore know what users want.'

'System 6000 MKII remains the most powerful digital audio processor available. From dynamics, to EQ and UnWrap HD, it is the 'no compromise' audio tool.'

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