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About Juan Alderete

Juan Alderete is an American bassist known for his work with the bands Racer X and The Mars Volta. He is famous for his copious use of effects, and his wide-ranging playing techniques. These skills have allowed him to play a variety of musical styles, from jazz, to heavy metal and progressive rock.

Juan Alderete, born John Peter Alderete, started to play music at an early age. Through his father and brother he was exposed to jazz music and bands like Yes, Rush and King Crimson including Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke. Alderete while still being in his teens, quickly picked up the techniques of these influencers.

At Musicians Institute in L.A California, where Alderete enrolled after finishing high school, he hooked up with Paul Gilbert and Harry Gschoesser to form the speed metal band Racer X. The band split up after four years of playing, and for the next couple of years Alderete was involved in several different bands, including The Scream, DC-10, Big Sir, and Distortion Felix. In addition Alderete became an instructor at Musicians Institute where he started as a student.

In 1999, Alderete reunited with Racer X going on to record another album Technical Difficulties. It included new as well as older songs never released before.

A few years later, after receiving a phone call from The Mars Volta´s Omar Rodríguez-López, Alderete got invited for an audition for the band and eventually got the job.

Apart from being involved with The Mars Volta with whom he won a Grammy Award for their song Wax Simulacra, Alderete has been involved with his own musical projects, Vato Negro and Big Sir. Vato Negro is a group with a revolving door of musicians, including Deantoni Parks, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and Jon Theodore. Big Sir is a group composed of Juan and singer Lisa Papineau. The band has released two albums, and are currently recording a third. Alderete has performed with both groups in 2010 in California and Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

Alderete usually plays Fender Precision basses and uses loads of different bass effects and gear. He collaborated with us to do a TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato called Vato Vibrato.

TonePrints by Juan Alderete

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Juan Alderete makes his "Vato Vibrato" TonePrint for Shaker Vibrato

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