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About Jonathan Hischke

Jonathan Hischke is a bass player who's not afraid to dive head first into sounds that seem peculiar, if not downright obscene. He's here to challenge the traditional way a bass player approaches his instrument. He's here to make some noise!

Whether his year-long stint in the band Hella, or the hundreds of other bands and projects he has starred in, the man is undeniably good at what he does.

Jonathan grew up in a highly musical family, with a dad who was a professional musician. He was brought up on an eclectic musical mix which included everything from the intelligent pop-tunes of Stevie Wonder to the prog-rock sounds of Weather Report. What all of the music had in common though was their extremely synthesizer-heavy approach, which affected Jonathan profoundly.

Because when Hischke picked up the bass guitar as a young teenager, he immediately sought to make it sound like those otherworldly synths from his childhood.

This hunt for sounds and textures instead of generic roots and fifths, quickly instilled a huge love for pedals and effects in Jonathan, and an admiration for the diverse bass playing of Jah Wobble, Tina Weymouth, Bernard Edwards which Jonathan defines as 'players who find interesting and personal ways of sitting in their musical context.'

As Hischke went to Chicago his musical career started picking up speed.

Here he toured with math/noise rockers Hella, tracked with retro-garage band Agent Ribbons, made records with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Big Sir and much much more, which further shaped Hischke into the alternative groove-machine he is today.

In 2008 he moved to L.A. and formed the groove-heavy alt-rock band Dot Hacker with Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Together they've released three albums that effortlessly fuse everything from laid-back acoustics to full-on distorted wall of sounds, perfectly displaying Jonathan's versatility as a player. Later on he joined up with James Mercer and Danger Mouse of Broken Bells to serve as their live performance bass player, with whom he's still throwing down the synth-heavy grooves today.

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