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About Jon Burton

Jon Burton's mastery of live sound has taken him around the world with such diverse artists as Pendulum, Stereophonics, Bryan Ferry, Radiohead and for the past 14 years bass mastodons The Prodigy.

Known for his love of sub, Jon Burton is a master of the very specialised craft of making the low-end frequencies as much felt as they are heard.

That's obviously not all he does… but his fine-tuned ears and swift fingers have certainly secured him a spot in the live bass history books.

With more than 25 years of experience behind the console, Jon is as comfortable and capable doing a 300 capacity club gig as thumping chests with his massive touring rig to crowds of 150,000 people at festivals.

And for the past 14 years, he's done just that - as chief sound engineer for UK rave veterans, The Prodigy.

By far one of the most important bands in electronic music, and unparalleled when it comes to live shows, the band has been pushing the boundaries of electronica since the early 90s, and is today rivalling rock and pop counterparts like Coldplay, Beyoncé, Eminem and Foo Fighters for the top spot on major festival lineups around the world.

Made to be experienced live, The Prodigy's massive catalog of tracks are like sonic battering rams with pitiless drops, testosterone fuelled breakbeats and unrelenting, no holds barred basslines.

This puts high demands on Jon's tweaks behind his trusty Midas XL3, and as such his broad knowledge of all aspects of sound engineering has made him vital to the band's impact on stage.

To the point where soundchecks with the band aren't necessary; they are fully confident that Jon and his team can get things right in their absence.

'I am a strong believer in the democracy of sound and want everyone who has a ticket, no matter where they are seated, to get the same experience, not a loud, but a powerful sound, hopefully with a few dub sounds thrown in,' is how Jon sums up his philosophy.

Besides his touring duties Jon has delivered guest lectures in colleges and universities from Newcastle to Serbia, runs a recording studio complex in Sheffield, UK, and maintains an ever growing collection of vintage mixing desks for rental.

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