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About John Taylor

Co-founder and member of legendary Duran Duran, John Taylor, has been part of music history for over 35 years - and still counting. He originally started out playing guitar in Duran Duran, but quickly switched to bass - his main instrument ever since.

Young John Taylor wasn't an obvious soon-to-be rockstar being a boy from the suburb Hollywood, Birmingham, with an interest in wargaming with model-soldiers. But luckily that all changed in his early teens, when he discovered music. Soon he was collecting records and teaching himself to play piano.

In 1978 Taylor formed Duran Duran with school friend Nick Rhodes (synthesizers) and Stephen Duffy (vocals) with Taylor playing guitar. Shortly after he switched to bass as guitarist Andy Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor joined and the bands first bass player, Simon Colley, left. The band found what is known as the classic line-up in 1980, when vocalist Simon Le Bon joined.

Duran Duran released their first album 'Duran Duran' in 1981, and since claimed worldwide success with hit songs such as 'Hungry Like The Wolf', 'Rio' and 'Is There Something I Should Know' in the first half of the 1980's. All songs with the signature, melodic, almost McCartney-like bass play of John Taylor which he to this day master to perfection and is widely known for.

In 1985 Duran Duran split into two side projects, and John and Andy Taylor formed the rock/funk group 'The Power Station' with Chic drummer Tony Thompson and singer Robert Palmer. Together they made the album 'The Power Station' showing a way more hard and funky side of John Taylors bass play - an early testimony of Taylor's versatility as a musician.

In 1997 John Taylor left Duran Duran due to creative differences. The same year he released his first solo album 'Feelings Are Good (And Other Lies)' at his own label B5 Records, collaborating with Steve Jones from Sex Pistols. The album revealed Taylors great talent for songwriting and singing. In the years that followed he released a couple of solo albums and toured with his band 'John Taylor Terroristen'.

Duran Duran reunited in 2001 under the classic line-up. They did a very successful 25th anniversary tour and released a new album, Astronaut, in 2004. The band is still going strong and released their latest album, Paper Gods, in September 2015.

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