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About John Garrison

John Garrison is the multi-instrumentalist responsible for singer-songwriter sensation, James Blunt's, rich bass tones. He has become a touring nomad and is a recent TC RH750 and RS410 convert.

John Garrison's life-long passion for music started off on the piano at the age of three before progressing and settling on the bass, although not before proving his versatility on the guitar, drums and with vocals first. Garrison kick started his musical career straight after school and had an extensive career performing both as a part of, the now defunct post-grunge rock band, 'Budapest' as well as a solo guitar artist and session artist.

His big break into the spotlight came around in 2007 as a result of James Blunt's bass player's departure from the band. Garrison was contacted by Blunt's drummer, Karl Brazil, to audition for the band and hasn't looked back since.

Garrison believes that it is all about the song as he considers himself a songwriter's bassist. He says that if someone goes away from a concert saying, 'the bass player was amazing', then he feels he has been too busy.

As a source of inspiration, he draws on his favorite band growing up, 'Jellyfish', and their bass player Tim Smith. He has also been greatly influenced by funk, just as many other bass players have been.

A friend of Garrison's recommended TC Electronic's bass amp and he first got around to trying it at a party in Copenhagen. He was immediately sold by the quality and had to get one for himself. Nowadays, he brings along two TC Electronic RH750's and RS410's on tour with James Blunt. Before switching to TC Electronic amps, Garrison experienced ghost notes when performing on big stages and had to counter the problem by playing certain notes lower or EQ'ing them out. He did this so that his false notes wouldn't throw any of the others off their tune. Luckily, that problem is a thing of the past for him, as he says 'I hardly have to touch it. I just plug it in, turn it up and it sounds like I want it to sound'.

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