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About Johan Wohlert

Knowing when to go full throttle and when to hold back a bit on your instrument is essential to any musician. As the highly regarded bass player for Danish art rock band Mew, Johan Wohlert has perfected the classic rock n roll craft of timing and modesty.

Johan first heard this sound in his idols, such as a Kim Deal from the Pixies and U2's Adam Clayton. Just like Johan these titans of rock tie a beautiful knot between vocals and instruments and help release the full emotional potential of the song.

The comforting bass tone Johan strives for and brings to Mew, is a pretty simple one. Binding the band's sound together with a melodic foundation and symmetry, it brings out the both fragile and grandiose sound, that intrigues their fans, and makes Mew so special.

A vital part of this identity stems from Johan's commanding fingers. He hits the strings pretty hard, so in the studio he uses a compressor to keep the sound on a leash, leaving a smooth, fat and balanced tone.

Seeking new adventures and experiences, Johan left Mew in 2006 and started The Storm with his then-sweetheart Pernille Rosendahl of Swan Lee fame. With this new setup he fused a heavier bass tone with the traditions of symphonic rock, leaving plenty of space for Rosendahl, the female vocalist.

After three albums and seven years sharing band name, Pernille and Johan however realised that sometimes life isn't easy when you are both living and working together, and decided to go their separate ways.

And then Mew resurfaced as the NorthSide Festival 2014. Smiles as broad as bridges, the crowd going mental, and the pure delight and happiness of half a generation who witnessed their idols together for the first time in eight years. That was the sight Johan created, when he returned to the stage as part of Mew. It was a major triumph for the band - and the guy.

The reviewers, too, went nuts, as the resurrected band delivered the soundtrack to half a generation's first romantic escapades and was hailed by critics for their original sound.

Recently the band has been recording news songs for their upcoming album as well as working with the Copenhagen Phil, one of the oldest professional symphony orchestras in the world, re-arranging classic Mew songs.

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