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About James Valentine

Maroon 5 lead guitarist James Valentine has come a long way since his upbringing in Lincoln, Nebraska. For more than a decade he has been living the dream writing heartbreak ballades with Maroon 5 front figure Adam Levine, as well as playing some of the funkiest riffs you have ever heard.

James Valentine began his life on October 5th, 1978. Born into a Mormon family he regularly attended church growing up. He began his musical career on the piano, tried out drums but ended up falling in love with playing guitar.

As a teenager Valentine played in different bands in Lincoln before becoming a member of Square (former known as Happy Dog). He digs jazz and fusion, but for some reason he has always played in rock-oriented bands.

In 2000 Valentine uprooted and moved to LA, California with his band Square and here he met the members of Kara's Flowers. Kara's flowers needed a guitarist and a new beginning and Valentine was the perfect fit. A new beginning equals a new name and Kara's Flowers became the well-known pop/rock band Maroon 5, with Valentine as lead guitarist and songwriter.

In 1996 Valentine took a one-week guitar session at Berklee College of Music where he became friends with John Mayer. The two kept in touch and Maroon 5 first got on the radar when they had an opening slot for John Mayer. From there it was fast forward for the band. With their debut album 'Songs About Jane' going worldwide and extensively touring they reached a high level of success. With 5 studio albums, 3 live albums, singles and numerous awards, Maroon 5 has established their presence being as cool as they come.

The band evolves from album to album and finds inspiration from current trends implementing these into their music. They enjoy experimenting with music and styles in order to develop new tunes.

Besides providing Maroon 5 with killer riffs Valentine also plays in a band named JJAMZ - Awkward to pronounce but its members are all musical geniuses. The band was started at a karaoke night at Guys in Hollywood. JJAMZ is made up from the first letter of each members name; James Valentine, Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley/Conor Oberst), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), Michael Runion (solo), and Z Berg (The Like).

He loves making music and truly has a gift for it.

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