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About Jack Lee

Jack Lee is a world renowned jazz guitarist from Korea.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Jack Lee is one of the most internationally renowned and respected Korean guitarists.

Jack Lee's musical heritage is a mix of the local Asian influences and an early exposure to rock artists like Hendrix and Clapton, combined with a deep love and interest for the jazzier sounds of people like Miles Davis.

When he was 17 he moved to New York to develop his talents. While studying computer science at Columbia University, he took the time to soak in the rich jazz history the city has to offer and began honing his guitar skills, which would later see him team up with some of the best known names in jazz. After graduating from Columbia he has toured the world as a professional musician making his mark on the jazz scene in both New York and the rest of the world.

His career has led him to play with such musicians as pianist Bob James, bass legend Nathan East, drummer Harvey Mason, and many more during the last twenty years.

Jack Lee is without any doubt one of the world's top jazz guitarists at the moment, and his skill is immediately apparent, but not ostentatious or in your face. His music rewards the attentive listener, who cares to listen for the wealth of details that can be found in his unique and intricate playing style that still manages to hold a gentle and lyrical flow, which instantly grabs the listeners by the heart.

On top of his work as the perfect sideman for the greats, Jack Lee also has his own world music ensemble, Asianergy. This eclectic ensemble departs somewhat from his jazzy roots by blending his love for jazz with more regional sounds from all over Asia and South America.

He has drawn upon the many connections he has made, while playing all over the world, to find some of the best and most interesting musicians from around the globe, to play with Asianergy.

Jack Lee has released 12 albums, among them are Asianergy 1 and 2.

Jack Lee incorporates several different products from TC Electronic, to achieve his sound. And because the pedals are transparent, he can incorporate all of them or none of them on a case by case basis, as he sees fit.

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