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About Ida Nielsen

Being the former bass player for none other than the late, great Prince should say something about Ida's musicianship and deep knowledge of the funk. These days, she is touring with her solo project, spreading the funk far and wide.

In short, she masters any bass style you could think of to perfection: slap, fingerstyle, harmonies, improvisation, etc., and the common denominator is without doubt 'funk' with a capital 'F'!

Her bass career started out in Århus, Denmark, where she developed her slap style to perfection. While she is busy playing in a number of bands, she also has a solo project. In fact, she has recently released a very funky album named 'Marmalade', which has been described as "a mix of old school Hip Hop and 70's Funk with a touch of Nusoul, all with ear catching melodies and beautiful ballads". Apart from playing bass - of course - Ida plays all the other instruments on the album.

TonePrints by Ida Nielsen

Videos with Ida Nielsen

Ida Nielsen creating her "Discumbobuloveyoulong" StarJam Loop on Ditto x2

Ida Nielsen demoing her TonePrint for Helix Phaser

BG500 bass combos - hear how they sound

NAMM '09: RH450 presented by BASSIDA aka Ida Funkhouser

BassIda - Tutorial part 1

BassIda - Tutorial part 2

BASSIDA trying out TC Electronic's Staccato'51