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About Gail Ann Dorsey

Gail Ann Dorsey is a top session bassist and vocalist with an eclectic and impressive career. She has been associated with being the bassist for David Bowie since 1995 to present day and not least as being a solo recording artist during her incredible career spanning two decades.

At age 21, Gail Ann Dorsey went to London to pursue her musical career and by the mid-80s she had already made herself known in the London music scene. She proved her abilities through collaborations with other up-coming artists of the day including Boy George, Ann Pigalle, Donny Osmond, and the likes.

Up until present day, Dorsey has made herself a stunning resume. Having performed and recorded with an incredibly diverse collection of distinguished artists including Bryan Ferry, Dar Williams, Tears For Fears, The Indigo Girls, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz and many more, Dorsey has for long been regarded as one of the top bassists and vocalists within the alternative rock scene. Besides recording and touring with other musicians, Dorsey has also received critical acclaim and notoriety as an international solo recording artist.

In 1988, Dorsey released her first solo album entitled, The Corporate World. The album was produced by world-renowned bassist Nathan East of the multi-platinum selling jazz quartet Fourplay and included appearances by Eric Clapton, amongst others. Her debut album received a 5-Star review and was voted one of the Top 50 Albums of the Year by London's Q Magazine.

Four years later, after the release of Rude Blue, Dorsey removed herself from the spotlight to concentrate on session work. In 1995, Dorsey was recruited for David Bowie´s Outside Tour with whom she has been related since.

Aside from her recent tours with David Bowie, Gail Ann Dorsey has just released her third solo album, 'I Used To Be'. It contains a collection of previously unreleased material spanning Dorsey's songwriting archives of the past 18 years. With the exception of a few collaborators, Dorsey pens most of the songs.

Dorsey´s musical style spans broadly and counts rock, funk, country, and pop influences, which can be heard in her playing and in her compositions. When TC Electronic approached Dorsey about creating her own unique TonePrint, she gladly agreed. Dorsey explains that "The better the effect, the more inspiration", which simply goes to show that the creation of a TonePrint was a perfect opportunity for her to be inspired.

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