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About Federico Malaman

Federico Malaman is revitalizing jazz fusion for the modern audience, while exuding an exuberant joy of playing. If you want to be mesmerized by remarkable chops, look no further.

The funky Italian bass player is no less than an Internet sensation, with over a million YouTube-views on some of his videos performing instantly danceable grooves, making him popular far beyond the circles of jazz enthusiasts.

The incredibly talented and knowledgeable bass player always displays great musicianship and a stunning technical ability that is almost unmatched.

But one does not simply become one of the most watched jazz fusion innovators on YouTube and social media overnight.

Malamam has paid his dues as an arranger of major Italian television shows, one of all, the Italian edition of "Dancing with the Stars" with Paolo Belli's Big Band.

In the course of his career collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as George Benson, Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett, Al Jarreau and Kid Creole.

The 37-year-old Malaman first picked up the bass at the age of 12, inspired by the playing of Polo Jones on the hit record 'Oro, Incenso e Birra' by beloved Italian artist Zucchero Sugar Fornacciari. The solid and expressive style made the first lasting impression on the young musician to be.

'The bass lines on those songs are awesome,' he tells. 'Polo Jones plays on that very album and it started everything.'

One prominent feature of Malaman's YouTube videos is his use of a looper. He often creates his own colorful loops to groove and shred on. Not surprisingly a looper is also the type of effect he would choose, if he stranded on a desert island.

'I improve my playing, because it's like playing with somebody. That also means I would feel less alone. And then of course it runs on a battery. I don't imagine there's any electricity on a desert island,' he says with a sly smile.

Also he notes that to evolve as a musician one should listen to all kinds of musicians and try to keep their best parts, utilizing their strengths in one's own playing.

This approach has led to one of the most technical yet highly musical bass players in the world. Malaman can easily play sophisticated parts with fleet fingers, but also hit a groove so heavy it takes over your body.

However, having chops for ages doesn't mean that one should be playing all notes possible at all times. For Malaman tone is connected to what to play and when.

'A great tone is when you've got the right tone for the song you're playing,' he explains.

Still as an artist - and namely a master of fusion jazz - Malaman is always reinterpreting the songs he plays to find a new way to unlock their secrets.

He discovers new paths by tweaking his effects: 'When I have a 'different' sound that I love, I'm enticed to play in a different way. That's great, if you want to be a little bit different every time.'

In addition to running his own solo career, Malaman also tours with Mario Biondi, one of the most popular singers Soul & Jazz, both in Italy and abroad (UK, Germany, France, Japan, Russia and other countries).

He currently uses Mayones and Laurus electric basses, an acoustic bass by Manne, Eich amps, LQS strings and a range of TC effects.

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