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About Debra Killings

Debra Killings is an American singer and bass guitarist, notable for an extensive session and background vocal work for LaFace Records and Rowdy Records-based artists such as TLC, Monica and OutKast.

Debra Killings may have propelled herself into a Gospel-tinted spotlight with her critically acclaimed debut long-player 'Surrender' back in 2005, but after contributing to some of the biggest albums of the '90s and beyond it's really no wonder she hit the ground running.

Debra has performed on over 60 major albums during her career, and while she's carved out a career singing backing vocals on most of TLC's back catalogue, she's also contributed heavily to LaFace Records and Rowdy Records stablemates Monica and Outkast.

Her extensive vocal range - from Urban to Gospel to Soul diva - has also seen her in demand further afield, featuring on releases by Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Toni Braxton and Da Brat, amongst many others.

While that's enough of a resume for most people, Debra ups the ante somewhat when you factor in her skill as a bass player, having contributed to the low-end frequencies of records by the likes of Carlos Santana, LL Cool J, Curtis Mayfield, Nelly and Jay-Z. No wonder she's one of R&B's most in-demand session musicians and vocalists.

Did we mention that Debra's also a songwriter? How, with what must be an an already arduous schedule, she's managed to amass song-writing credits for the likes of George Clinton, Will Smith, Eternal and Paula Abdul is anybody's guess!

Despite these demands on her time, 2008 saw Debra finding time to put together a diverse range of tracks for 'Open Heaven', her sophomore album.

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