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About Dave Beste

Dave Beste joined Rival Sons in august 2013 when previous bassist Robin Everhart left. It's a rock band of the old school. The focus is on raw energy, big riffs and face-melting power vocals.

Rival Sons is a classic rock band in the best sense of the word. The sound harks back to the likes of Led Zeppelin with epic riffs, groovy bass lines, catchy tunes, and powerful vocals. It's the kind of powerful, raw rock 'n' roll you don't really see much anymore. The kind of rock that should be filling the airwaves and stadiums across the world, but doesn't seem to do that like it used to.

The band is trying to change that and bring rock back to the people. They plan to meet those people on the road, where they are always well received. It was the intensive touring lifestyle that became too much for the band's original bassist, but luckily touring is exactly what Dave Beste loves to do. He loves waking up in a new city, ready to rock. So when Robin Everhart left, singer Jay Buchanan asked his friend Dave Beste to join for the upcoming tour. The tour went off without a hitch, and by the end of it, Dave had become an official Rival Son.

When he first started playing with the band, he deliberately tried to play as much like Robin Everhart as possible. However, after his stint with Rival Sons became a more permanent arrangement, he began putting more of a personal touch on the grooves, which you can hear on the band's newest record, although it's still unmistakably Rival Sons.

Dave Beste is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, which has a vibrant music scene. Beste credits much of his musical development to the live music environment in Lincoln, where he lived until 2000, when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional music career.

He draws his personal inspiration from a wide range of artists, and has mentioned Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and The Police as some of his favorite artists.

The latest record from Rival Sons, Hollow Bones, came out in the summer of 2016 and has been met with critical acclaim as well as some very happy fans.

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