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About Cody Wright

This multitalented string virtuoso is one to pay attention to in the near future! Not only is Cody Wright the bass player in Jonathan Scales Fourchestra he's also the guitarist in his own trio. Cody is becoming a world-class musician of the highest order.

As a 4-5-year-old youngster he started singing along to the music of video games rather than playing the games. His parents then introduced him to all kinds of great jazz, blues, and rock music but it wasn't until he was 13 he picked up an instrument for real. He saved up for a keyboard but at the same time his nephew got an electric guitar - and when first heard how amazing the guitar sounded he was spell bounded!

At the age of 17 Cody already mastered the guitar so much that he started playing as a special guest with the band The Chicken Head Blues Band in Charlottesville Virginia, kick starting his career.

In 2011 Cody Wright was asked to audition as the bassist for the charismatic Jonathan Scales a steel drummer from Ashville. Being a guitarist he hesitated but ended up getting the gig and starting off his career as a bass player. Just 3 days after graduating from college he started touring with Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, which whom he released 2 studio albums with. During this musical fantasy ride Cody got to share the stage with legendary bassists like Victor Wooten and Oteil Burbridge.

As being the bassist in a successful recording band wasn't enough, Cody Wright is currently recording his first solo album 'A Bass Only a Mother Could Love' which will be released in the fall of 2015. In the words of Victor Wooten: '[Cody Wright is] Amazing and Musical!! Love it!!!' - we agree!

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