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About Chris Minh Doky

Chris Minh Doky is arguably one of the most proficient bass players in Jazz today. Equally adept at double- and electric bass, Chris has known runaway success as both a soloist and as a sideman, where he worked with everyone from Mike Stern to David Sanborn.

Chris Minh Doky is a true first-call musician on the international jazz scene. He was born in Denmark, and at an early age, he decided to become a professional jazz bassist. Chris was extremely determined to achieve this goal, so he moved from Copenhagen to New York City at age 18 - just fresh out of high school. Here he approached the jazz dream the old fashioned way and played tons of gigs everywhere with everybody - for little to no pay. However, his talent was obvious, and rumor had it that there was a new cat in town. Soon, Chris' career skyrocketed, and over the years he has performed and/or recorded with such great musicians as David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Al Jarreau, Toots Thielemans, Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, John Scofield, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Michel Camilo and Trilok Gurtu - just to name a few!

Chris dropped by us here at TC Electronic, and we grabbed the opportunity to ask him a bit about his experience with his Bass Amp 2.0 gear.

'TC Electronic's high quality level intrigued me to try out the new bass gear when I got the chance,' Chris says and goes on. 'Especially the three user memory feature piqued my curiosity as I always use at least two basses. One upright and one electric and if it worked out, I could get rid of my switch pedal. Therefore, I decided to get the RH450 amp plus two cabinets, RS210 and RS212, and it simply sounds amazing. Also, it's very easy to use and another major advantage is that it accepts voltages between 100v-240v, which is essential for me as I play all over the world.'

'It turned out that the user memories worked great for me, so I did actually drop my switch pedal,' Chris tells us. 'Oh, and another neat feature that may not be so well known is that you can actually use the digital AES/EBU output to send a signal, which is independent from the Line Out signal that typically goes to the Front of House mixer. I use the AES/EBU output to send an independent signal to my stage monitor. Overall, this new bass gear has just made my life a lot easier when touring and it allows me to focus 100% on the important thing, playing music.'

We also asked Chris a bit about his general approach to playing music and about his plans for the near future.

'Well, basically, I always aim at becoming one with the music. No matter what the situation or musical genre, that is my primary goal when I play. As for the future, I have a European tour coming up with my band, The Nomads, including Dave Weckl on drums, Dean Brown on guitar and George Whitty on keyboards, and further, I have just released an album called 'Scenes From a Dream', featuring Larry Goldings and Peter Erskine.'

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