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About Carles Benavent

Carles Benavent, aka La Garza Flamenca, was born and raised in the Barcelonan neighbourhood Poble Sec in the 1950s. At an age of thirteen, when Carles first started playing the bass, he was attracted to the bluesy and rocky tunes of the time - Jimi Hendrix in particular.

As a musician Carles was driven to the tragic expressiveness of both the blues and flamenco rhythms, and found a certain appeal in the very feeling and exaggerated expressions of the flamenco style of playing. Being an autodidact bass player, Carles quickly started picking up his own and very distinct Flamenco style, using both fingers and pick to pluck the strings.

Soon Carles began to play alongside even the most distinguished Spanish jazz musicians, and in 1980 he joined one of the finest flamenco musicians, Paco de Lucía, forming the legendary Paco de Lucía sextet - a part that would later earn him his nickname La Garza Flamenca. Touring in Europe, America and Japan he began a prolific collaborative journey with various recognized flamenco artists including Paco de Lucía and legendary Camarón de la Isla.

After the release of his fourth album 'Agüita que Corre' in 1995 Carles injured his left arm in a tragic traffic accident. Although incapable of playing music for almost a year, his passion for music drew him back on stage to once again perform with his friend Paco de Lucía.

Throughout his career Carles Benavent has been playing with a vast variety of artists such as Chick Corea and Miles Davis, and his astonishing talent has proven a major role in flamenco music in general. The efforts of this fine musician have resulted in a great number of records including a variety of solo albums, of which the first was released in 1983. In 2011 Carles released his latest album 'Un Dos Tres'. An album that features a variety of special guest musicians.

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