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About Boz Boorer

With one leg in the brit-rock/indie camp as musical director and co-writer for Morrissey since 1991, and with the other well-rooted in the rockabilly scene through his legendary work with The Polecats, there's only one word that truly describes Boz Boorer and that is versatility!

Boorer was born in 1962 in Edgware in North London, where he grew up, and where The Polecats were founded in 1977, when Boz was 15 years old. After playing with The Polecats for 14 years he started playing with Morrissey, as well as functioning as musical director and co-writer on many of Morrissey's songs.

Working with Morrissey is Boorer's main gig, so his work with the Polecats and his solo career has to take a back seat most of the time. Yet, he has still managed to put out four albums with the Polecats, four solo albums, and numerous collaborations with other artists since he started working with Morrissey almost 25 years ago. So to call Boz a well-rounded musician must be seen as the understatement of the year!

Even though fans of The Polecats may see Boorer as mainly a rockabilly guitarist, and probably wouldn't have expected the work with Morrissey to be as successful as it has been, Boz himself have seen his relationship with Morrissey as a match made in music heaven from day one:

'One thing I enjoy with Morrissey is that there are no real musical boundaries. There are no laws to how it's supposed to be,' Boorer says, explaining why he's never gotten bored working with the same man for so long.

Boorer's style can be hard to describe, because it varies so much depending on the song and who he's playing with, but one common thread that weaves through everything is the confidence and competence of a true professional with nearly 4 decades at the top of his game.

Not satisfied with being a versatile guitarist, Boorer also plays the clarinet, saxophone, bass, drums, and piano, and he produces for several up-and-coming indie bands in his studio in Portugal - you know, for variety.

Recently Boz integrated the Flashback Delay into his rig due to its… yeah, you guessed it… extreme versatility, letting him effortlessly adapt from playing with Morrissey to the crisp sound of the Polecats and the cornucopia of sounds and styles that make up his solo work.

Boorer's latest solo album, Some Of The Parts, came out in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim, being hailed as one of the most varied albums in recent years.

Boz Boorer has released 11 albums with The Polecats, eight albums with Morrissey and four solo albums. The first single from his fifth solo album is out now and the album is due out in 2015.

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