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About Antony King

Antony King is a sound engineer who has worked with some of the biggest artists you could ever think of, including Depeche Mode, Noel Gallagher, The Faces, The Cure, Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones and many others.

Antony found his passion for sound engineering while studying at the university. One gig led to another and he is currently on tour with the legendary band Depeche Mode as a live sound engineer.

Antony's touring rig holds several TC Electronic products: System 6000 for Reverb, D-Two for Delay and Konnekt 48 for tracking the live shows.

About his use of System 6000 Reverb Antony says: 'I haven't done a tour without one in a long time. I've always had one in my rack, because its sounds are just fantastic.' Antony uses this Reverb on all Depeche Mode songs, whether it's for live sounds or DVD production: 'This goes everywhere with me, there is just no other reverb for me.'

Antony uses D-Two delay to enhance a couple of Depeche Mode songs like 'Halo' and 'Should Be Higher'.

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