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About Anthony "Rocky" Gallo

There is a long way from playing with an old reel-to-reel tape recorder in the basement of a friend's house to setting up a pro studio in New York. Anthony Gallo has put in the dedication and hard work that it takes to make it all the way to work with music's big stars.

As the former chief engineer at The Cutting Room Studios for years and the current owner and operator of Virtue and Vice Studios in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Rocky is a vastly experienced producer, and recording engineer who has experience in everything from pre-production to mastering.

With its Neve 5315 from the late 1970s as the centerpiece, woven carpets abound and lots of natural light, Rocky's studio provides a relaxed environment that allows for maximum creativity.

Rocky has worked on both platinum award-winning and many Grammy-nominated projects. He has collaborated with genre defining artists like John Legend, Tycho, Norah Jones, Neon Indian, Cat Power, Ice Cube - and a bunch of others.

Moreover, he has worked closely with notorious producers, such as Steve Lillywhite, Eddie Kramer, Will.I.AM, Track Masters, and not least the legendary Jimmy Douglass.

As a kid, Rocky started recording at a friend's house: 'A friend's father had an old TEAC reel-to-reel recorder in the basement and that was the place we always hung out in, so we would just start making our own recordings,' he explains.

Hence, Rocky found himself having a studio that just got bigger and bigger. And bigger - in his friend's basement. He ended up moving to his current base in New York where he, in his own words, 'just have more toys'.

But, nothing comes without hard work, and Anthony 'Rocky' Gallo is a dedicated and detail oriented person, who constantly brings the projects that he's working on home to make sure that it is as good as he want it to be. He thinks it is important never to feel too comfortable, but keep pushing yourself, and keep trying new things all the time.

His sessions vary a lot. Sometimes, people hire him just for the beginning, or the end of a session, or just for the overdub, or in the middle of making a record. So, it's always changing, which is ideal for him. 'I don't necessarily want to just track drums for rock bands all the time - I love doing it, I just like when things get changed up a little bit,' he explains.

The most rewarding to Rocky is when he gets to see a project through from the beginning to the end. Therefore, he feels right at home when he gets to work on various things, and with different genres, and different tracking. This is also evident in the various projects and artists he has recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced with, which span everything from alternative rock to r&b, and hip hop.

Anthony 'Rocky' Gallo is constantly producing artists, and currently, he has a lot of stuff going on that he's really happy about. One band he's been working for recently is Cigarettes After Sex, which is very shoegazey, beautiful, and has tons of reverb at the core of their sound.

'We recorded it in a movie theater stairwell. Very minimal, but it's all about huge reverb and tons of space,' the creative producer and recording engineer explains.

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