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About Andrés Mayo

Andrés Mayo is a leading, Grammy-awarded audio engineer and producer based in Argentina. The one project Andrés is most proud of is an impressive 7-DVD Tango collection that won 2 Grammy Awards and is delivered in a custom-made bandoneon box.

This collection has been used as an official gift for VIP visitors such as Sir Paul McCartney and the former presidents of China, Armenia, Chile and Brazil.

Andrés is a long-time System 6000 User and his favorite algorithm is the De-esser, which he uses as a dynamic EQ in his mastering sessions. 'I understand mastering as a surgery, where you need to remove energy excess in certain areas with extreme precision, rather than adding low end, hi end or gain. When you detect the compromising frequency ranges, which are usually quite narrow, you need a high-precision tool to work in that area. The De-esser of System 6000 is exactly what I need for accomplishing this, and I use it extensively in different areas of the audio spectrum, even in the 100 Hz range with great success,' says Andrés Mayo.

Asked for a single advice for upcoming mastering engineers, Andrés points out the obvious. Train your ears! Andrés does it every single day, and he adds that blind listening is the key to avoid being fooled by the many potential factors of dispersion. In other words, if your ears are responding, no spectrum analyzer will do a better job.

When Andrés entered the pro audio industry more than 20 years ago, it was in a period of transition as digital was the new black, yet he had to learn how to master the analog techniques such as splicing tape and cutting vinyl. Therefore, Andrés picked up the best from both worlds as he has always been keen on learning as much as possible about new fields of technology that caught his interest. Interactive platforms became such a field and with the introduction of the DVD in the late 90s, Andrés read every book published on the subject to learn all aspects of this new format. He then founded TangoDVD ( which is a company entirely devoted to the production of musical titles on DVD.

Later BluRay was introduced and history repeated itself, so today Andrés can provide any solution to his clients, including dedicated mixing and mastering for vinyl as well as 5.1 or 7.1 delivery for DVD or BluRay, or complying to the new iTunes standard. His facility was the first in Latin America to produce MFiT masters (Mastered For iTunes).

In the video below (English and Spanish versions), Andres shows us how he uses his System 6000 in his mastering studio and demos how he applies the De-esser for treating a live vocal track.

TonePrints by Andrés Mayo

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